About Deidre Hunter

Experienced accounting specialist who focuses on the bookkeeping

Deidre Hunter is an experienced accounting specialist who focuses on the bookkeeping needs of our clients.  Over the last twelve years Deidre has worked with major companies in various industries including meat packing, paper packaging, furniture, and real estate.  During her time with those companies she has handled accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank statement reconciliation, and cash management.  Throughout her career she has held jobs with increasing responsibility including that of Accounting Clerk, Accounting Assistant, and Cash Management Specialist.  She holds a diploma in Business Office at Southern Regional Technical College.  Deidre currently resides in Marietta, GA  with her youngest son.

What they said

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The service provided by the Advisory CPA Group was exceptional on many levels. The Group is both professional and knowledgeable in variety of tax and business services. Thanks for the service.

Keith Cunningham

Tenom Group